JasKi Productions

UX/UI Website Design

JasKi Productions were in search of a solution that met all of the needs and requirements of an innovative and leading cloud production website that leveraged the latest advancements in technology, without significant investment. Working with JasKi Productions involved rebuilding an online presence to create an immersive and informative experience for key stakeholders and target audience.

JasKi Productions provides cloud services for animation professionals across the globe. Their primary focus is to connect businesses and assemble animation teams through cloud production—a way for people to collaborate regardless of their physical location.

Previous logo (left) and new logo design (right).


Working with Jaski Productions involved building a unique brand and promotional business website. The new website was built to be user-centric and allowed clients to find information pertaining to cloud production.


  • Invest most of our time re-branding and designing the new website.
  • Examining and collecting data on competitors.
  • Structure information architecture to facilitate the users browsing behaviour.
  • Leverage extensive UX and creative design experience to ensure that the new web-presence is directed at key audience members: Major animation producers and production studios, micro Studios of animation professionals and independent animation professionals.
  • Create a mobile-first, responsive site that works effortlessly on all desktop and mobile devices.
  • Plan for additional future digital initiatives.
  • Include metadata tactics for improved search engine optimization.
  • Provide user-focused content, structure, and navigation.
  • Ensure ease of use for all site editors independent of their level of technology understanding.

Custom icon design.