UX/UI for Virtual Reality

MasterpieceVR was in need of a solution that met the needs of a simple and easy-to-use annotation system that utilized cutting-edge industry tools. Working with MasterpieceVR involved designing and developing an aesthetically-pleasing and highly functional way for users to annotate their own and other's 3D creations.

MasterpieceVR is a 3D sculpting and painting tool that allows users to build tangible objects, colourful environments, and high quality models. It also allows users to sculpt with friends in the same room in real time, or invite spectators to watch while the user creates.


Working with MasterpieceVR involved designing a flawless user interface and experience for a virtual reality annotation system. The system was built to as simple and easy-to-use as possible and allowed users to type in information and pin notes onto any 3D model while in a virtual space.


  • Invest most of the time collecting data from user testing and re-designing for the best possible user experience.
  • Extensive research on cutting edge annotation tools on the VR market.
  • Structure interface design and user flow to facilitate the users behaviour.
  • Plan for additional future digital initiatives.
  • Provide a clear method of interface navigation.
  • Ensure ease of use for all users independent of their level of virtual technology understanding.
  • Add user engagement tools.
Banner image and video property of MasterpieceVR.